6 Easy Steps to the Inventory Process

Step 1

Call 610-620-3237 to schedule your inventory and discuss your needs. An inventory specialist will ask you a few questions, obtain your contact information, and answer any questions you have.

Step 2

Walk around your inventory location and determine the level of detail for your inventory - room by room. Your inventory specialist will photograph and itemize what you wish to include.  They will not open any drawers of closets.  Only items out in the open will be itemized.  A client may, however, choose to open a closed area and take out items to be included.  Alternatively, a client may have them out in advance of the inventory day. Most importantly, give thought to what you want included and we can certainly guide you on that day too.

Step 3

You will receive a document via email that provides detailed instructions for the day of your inventory.

Step 4

On the day of your inventory, a client or representative must be present. The Inventory Specialist will answer any last minute questions and get started photographing your items and adding them to the software.

Step 5

Our internal technology team will proof your inventory, create your login access, and contact you to review your inventory with you.

Step 6

Login to your personalized inventory to review the results.