Inventory Doctors partners with a software solutions company to provide an innovative, powerful, cloud based solution to host your inventory.



  1. You will receive login access to your inventory.
  2. Your inventory is mobile, desktop, and iPad friendly. Regardless of which device you use, it will sync in real time.
  3. Your inventory will be customized to your needs.  Assets can be organized by room, collection, owner, or any way you wish. Most typically, an inventory is organized by physical location or room.
  4. You may run reports from you inventory program sorted in many different ways.  Reports print in .pdf or Excel formats. Once a report is downloaded, it can be printed or emailed.
  5. Many details can be entered for each item. Each client can determine the level of detail they wish to achieve.  Description, brand, model #, serial #, retailer name, purchase date and price, estimated value, warranty information, receipt and document uploads are among the many description fields available for each item.
  6. The cost of your inventory software is included in the Service Fee.  There are no annual subscription costs.