Family Denim

Our Story

Our family believes in working hard and persevering to achieve  life's dreams.  We believe in protecting the treasures and memories that we have.

After hearing the stories of three close family friends whose homes burned down to the ground and learning about their pain of recalling and replacing their possessions,  we decided to take action.  We wanted to create a way to..."know what you own  when it's gone".  We knew we had a great network of professionals with technology savvy skills and abundant talent and plenty of experience.  And so, Inventory Doctors was born.   Inventory Doctors is headed by a team of industry and business professionals carefully selected by the owners.

Our Approach

Inventory Doctors is family owned and operated by Roemer Enterprises, LLC and the leadership of Claudia, Cole, Blaire, and Pierce Roemer.

Our close friends have lived through sudden loss from fire.  We also know of others who have lost everything after tragic natural disasters.  We are passionate about helping to minimize the stress of loss with our inventory solutions. We also believe that the inventory process is invaluable when planning, moving, and preparing your estate. We believe that you need to "know what you own when it's is gone".

We are a team a highly trained inventory specialists who arrive prepared with the technology and innovative equipment to get your inventory done quickly and professionally.  We follow that up with delivering access to your private and secure inventory in a cloud based solution. It is easy to use, secure, and allows you to update your inventory on your own.

Inventory Doctors is bonded, licensed and insured to protect your privacy. We are your one-stop resource for peace of mind. We strictly adhere to the NICA code of ethics for your protection and peace of mind.

Our approach is simple, efficient and will ensure that you are prepared, should a loss or change occur.