Why Inventory What You Own?


Fire, Theft, Flood, & Natural Disasters

  • Proof of ownership in the midst of emotional turmoil
  • Lessen the amount of time to have your losses recouped
  • Eliminate the risk that you are unable to recall what you own
  • Lessen the chance you will stall the claims process
  • Useful in high risk zones for fire, flood, storms

Estate Planning

  • Designate who will inherit your belongings
  • Ensure your legacy and minimize conflict among heirs
  • Avoid that your valuables are sold or forgotten
  • Attach your inventory with your estate planning documents
  • Avoid division of assets by probate or wrong family member

Prenuptials & Divorce

  • Use a neutral third party to minimize conflict
  • Inventory your belongings before marriage or after divorce
  • Assign the division of assets using the inventory list
  • Reduce the chances that belongings are excluded
  • Provide attorneys with a copy for proper documentation

Financial & Insurance Planning

  • Know the value of all your personal belongings
  • Avoid being under or over insured
  • Understand your total net worth for financial planning
  • Properly insure your contents in a high risk zone
  • Protect against damage to a rental or investment property

Moving & Relocation

  • Document possessions to ensure their arrival
  • Meet relocation requirements to inventory your belongings
  • Establish the condition of each item in case of a claim
  • Reduce the stress of moving and relocation
  • Use your inventory list as a checklist after your move

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